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Title: Videos "International Law"
Other Titles: Educational videos part of the online open course (MOOC) International Law on
Authors: D'ARGENT, Pierre
Keywords: international law
public international law
Louvain moocXperience
Issue Date: Apr-2015
Publisher: Louvain moocXperience, UCL
Audience: TeacherAndLearner
Educational Level: Master
Typical Learning Time: Other
Material Type: Presentation
Media Format: Video
Abstract: These videos are a set of lectures by Pr. Pierre d'Argent about Public International Law. They are part of an online open course (MOOC) on Each video is part of a specific learning sequence, being supplemented by texts and documents available in that online course. To make full sense of the videos, those texts and documents must be taken into account. However, on the issues they cover, the videos are explanatory. To access the course and all its material, please go to
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