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OER (Open Educational Resources) are freely accessible, openly licensed documents and media that are useful for teaching

OER UCLouvain allows educators to share, manage and use education resources.

In our repository, you'll find a collection of learning items that support instruction. Among all other types of learning objetcs in various digital formats, these items include

Content grows daily as new educationnal domain and collections are added to OER UCLouvain.

The OER UCLouvain's content is organized around "educationnal domain". Within each domain there can be an unlimited number subdomain and an unlimited number of collections. Each collection may contain an unlimited number of learning objetcs.


Browse allows you to go through a list of learning objetcs in some specified order:

Browse by Domain/Collection takes you through the educationnal domain in alphabetical order and allows you to see the subdomains and collections within each educationnal domain.

Browse by Title allows you to move through an alphabetical list of all titles of learning objetcs in OER UCLouvain.

Browse by Author allows you to move through an alphabetical list of all authors of items in OER UCLouvain.

Browse by Subject allows you to move through an alphabetical list of subjects assigned to items in OER UCLouvain.

Browse by Date allows you to move through a list of all items in OER-UCLouvain in reverse chronological order.

You may sign on to the system if you:

Submit is the OER-UCLouvain function that enables users to add an item to OER-UCLouvain. The process of submission includes filling out information about the learning objetc on a metadata form and uploading the file(s) comprising the digital learning objetc. To be able to submit an Learning object, you have to be authenticated

My OER-UCLouvain is a personal page that is maintained for each member. This page can contain a list of learning objetcs that are in the submission process for a particular member, or a task list of learning objetcs that need attention such as editing, reviewing, or checking. In the future this page will also maintain information about personal services offered by OER-UCLouvain, such as e-mail notification when new learning objetcs are added to a collection.

Edit Profile allows you to change some personal informations.

About takes you to information about the OER-UCLouvain project and its development.


To search all of OER-UCLouvain, Enter your the string you are looking for in the gray text box at the top of the navigation bar next to the blue search button and presse enter or click the search button. You will access to the search page with your search results

Than, you can limit your search to a specific domain and/or define some filters, by using the form in the top of the search page.

SIGN ON TO OER-UCLouvain top

Every domain and collection of OER Uclouvain can be browse by unauthentificated visitor. When you access an area of OER-UCLouvain that requires authorization, the system will require you to log in. All member of the UCL - Shibboleth Identity Provider can register. He than automaticaly become a member of OER UCLouvain. Some restricted functions, such as content submission, require authorization from the administrators

Sign on to OER UCLouvain whith a valid Shibboleth identity is all you need to become a "register member" of OER-UCLouvain.


At that early phase of the project submission can only be perform by the OER UCLouvain administration team.

Soon,it will be possible for all registered members to introduce a submission directly in the collection of his/her choice.

Please, if you're a member of the educational's community and have some educationnal ressources you would like to be avalaible through this site, don't hesitated to contact us . We will do our best to serve you in a positif way.


When a learning objetc becomes a part of the OER-UCLouvain repository it is assigned an individual URL name a handle. Actually it's not a perpatuel handle (whiwh is a specifi URL that, unlike most URLs, will not have to be changed when the system migrates to new hardware, or when changes are made to the system.) You can use our handle to refer to the OER UCLouvain's learning objetcs when citing it in publications or other communications, but without any guarantees that those direct URL will not be changed in the futur.

MY OER-UCLouvain top

If you are an authorized OER-UCLouvain submitter or supervisor, you will have a My OER-UCLouvain page. Here you will find:


This page allows you to change the information we have for you. You must be authenticated with your log-in to change any of your personal information.


Users can subscribe to receive daily e-mail alerts of new learning objetcs added to collections. Users may subscribe to as many collections as they wish. To subscribe:



For help with using OER-UCLouvain and questions about your specific site, please contact your OER-UCLouvain Administrator.

For general information about "UCL digital university" project, visit the Plan 2020 Website.