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Title: Introduction to climate dynamics and climate modeling
Authors: GOOSSE, Hugues
BARRIAT, Pierre-Yves
LOUTRE, Marie-France
ZUNZ, Violette
Keywords: climate system dynamics and modelling
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Centre de recherche sur la Terre et le climat Georges Lemaître - UCLouvain
Audience: TeacherAndLearner
Educational Level: Master
Typical Learning Time: Semester
Material Type: Activities
Media Format: eBook
Abstract: A comprehensive analysis of all the components of the climate system (atmosphere, ocean, ice sheets, etc) and of all the interactions between them is out of the scope of any course or book. We have thus chosen here to provide only a brief overview of the processes that rule the behaviour of those different components. More detailed descriptions are provided in meteorology, oceanography and glaciology courses for instance. Our first goal here is rather to provide enough information on the interactions between the different elements of the climate system and on the dominant feedbacks to allow the student to analyse the variability of the climate and its response to a perturbation. By this mean, the reader should be able to understand the dominant causes of past climate changes and to critically evaluate the projections of the climate change over the next centuries or millennia. Because of the complexity of the climate system, many analyses devoted to a quantitative estimate of climate change or climate variability rely on the use of comprehensive three-dimensional numerical models. However, simple models are also widely used to underline clearly the fundamental properties of the climate. Our second goal is thus to give the student the bases to understand how climate model are built and how they could be used to make quantitative estimate of climate variability and climate change as well as to illustrate how models could be used to understand the most important concepts of climate science. This digital textbook was reviewed for its alignment with California content standards. This online textbook could be followed section by section, presenting first the climate system and its components, then the way various types of climate models are developed and used, and finally the application of those concepts to the analysis of the climate during different periods. This textbook presents all aspects of climate system dynamics, on all timescales from the Earth's formation to modern human-induced climate change. It discusses the dominant feedbacks and interactions between all the components of the climate system: atmosphere, ocean, land surface, and ice sheets. It addresses one of the key challenges for a course on the climate system: students can come from a range of backgrounds. A glossary of key terms is provided for students with little background in the climate sciences, whilst instructors and students with more expertise will appreciate the book's modular nature. Exercises are provided at the end of each chapter for readers to test their understanding. This textbook will be invaluable for any course on climate system dynamics and modeling, and will also be useful for scientists and professionals from other disciplines who want a clear introduction to the topic. - Covers all aspects of climate system dynamics and modelling for students, scientists and professionals - Makes links between various relevant disciplines: atmospheric dynamics, physical and chemical oceanography, geology and numerical analysis - Basic mathematical developments are presented but the concepts are also explained with words and illustrations - Includes a full glossary and extensive end-of-chapter review exercises with solutions in the back of the book; the interactive models are also available online with regularly updated PowerPoint slides, including additional figures
ISBN: ISBN 9781107445833
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