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dc.contributor.authorDEVILLE, Yves-
dc.contributor.authorJACQMOT, Christine-
dc.description.abstractOpen Science can shortly be described as the movement to make scientific research, data and dissemination accessible to all levels of an inquiring society. It covers all academic disciplines. Much has been written about Open Science and its aims and a number of handbooks are available. When the Working Group on Open Science of Circle U. discovered the guide called “Passport for Open Science” ( science-a-practical-guide-for-phd-students ) available with a Creative Commons licence, it grasps its interest, for its simple and compact format. “Passport for Open Science” has been designed to accompany researchers at every step, from developing the scientific approach to the dissemination of research results. It provides a set of tools and best practices that can be directly implemented and is aimed at researchers from all disciplines. But it has been written specifically for the French research and Open Science context. This report present a decontextualized adaptation of the booklet “Passeport for Open Science” which aims to provide researchers from Circle U. institutions with a set of general but also practical guidelines to adopt Open Science. In a first part, one finds a generic version of the guide, independent of any national or institutional context. Then, elements specific to Circle U. partners are summarized, institution by institution. Thanks to this format and structure, Guidelines for Open Science provide researchers with a self-paced courseware for discovering Open Science and exploiting facilities provided by each partner institution. In doing so, we share and pursue the objectives of the authors of the original guide : to motivate and empower researchers to achieve the ambitions of open science by sharing research results and data with as many people as possible.en_US
dc.publisherCircle U.en_US
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dc.titleShared Guidelines for Open Science : Guidelines for Researchersen_US
dc.title.alternativeGuidelines adapted from Passport to Open Scienceen_US
dc.typeTechnical Reporten_US
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